Yellow house in snow, acrylic on paper, 6"x6"
Yellow Garage in Snow II, acrylic on paper, 6"x6"
Turquoise Truck, acrylic on paper, 6"x6"
Garage in summer, acrylic on paper, 6"x6"
Garage in summer, 1, acrylic on paper, 6"x6"
Garage Shadows, acrylic on paper, 6"x6"
Funny House, oil on canvas, 6"x8"
House on Monroe, oil on board 12"x16"
View from Loring Park, 12" x 16" oil on board
Lincoln Park, Chicago,
Shop in Stockholm, Wisconsin SOLD
Train Tracks by the river, Minneapolis SOLD
Casket Company, Northeast Minneapolis  SOLD
Bridge at Monroe Street, Minneapolis  SOLD
Bryan's House  SOLD
Window Shopping on a Summer Day
Flad and Flad
Gerard Squirrel
Komodos in love
Claude Elephant
Isabelle Squid
Edward Tapir
Astrid the Penguin
Haley Hammerhead
Tulips in a Blue Vase
Valentine Tulips
Red Tulips
Vase of Red Tulips
Valentine Tulips
Curry in a Hurry
Jazz at Knickerbocker Bar, West Village
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